Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Lot of Things Were Swept Today

Twins 3, Bitch Sox 1
Twins 4, Bitch Sox 3
Twins 11, Tiggers 1
Twins 4, Tiggers 1
Twins 7, Tiggers 6

including my kitchen and the Tigers.

First off: HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY TO a man who has respectfully captured my wholesome heart: KEVIN SLOWEY! And to Matt Tolbert, who also is adorable, but it's Kevin Michael Slowey's birthday. Seriously. And apparently he's going to be called up on Thursday to pitch instead of on the 10th, Saturday. Which I'm totally fine with except for the fact that.. uh, well, the Thursday game is at 2:05. And you know what? I'm a student and therefore I will probably be in SCHOOL. Gee freaking WHIZ. It was like that last time, on the 4th, when he got hurt? It was a day game and I was at school. So I missed it and was stuck with SQUEEZE PLAY. Whoopee?

In other news: S.W.E.E.P.
Seriously. How glorious this feels. 5 straight and #1 in the A.L. Central, baby. However, it came with some casualties, like Carlos getting smacked in the head and Scott Baker getting yanked in consecutive starts because of his groin injury. Which makes me giggle, but seriously, I really don't find it that funny. It's just a humorous word.

Yeah. I can't think of anything else to say, so. Bring on the Bitch Sox!


S.Rail said...

*squeals* Yes! I hope he comes back to tip top shape in a hurry! OMGz...I forgot his birthday *sobz* But I am wishing him one now! HUZZAH FOR SLOWEE.

Tricia said...

Let's hope the Twins put away their ass bats after the game last night and took out their rocket bats. 7-1! What's up with that?