Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Because.

Rangers 10, Twins 0

Because we all need to cheer up a little bit on this off day, yeah?

P.S. Hey Kevin Slowey:
How about you come back? Like.. NOW? Thanks.


S.Rail said...

Thank you for making my day brighter. Seeing Kevin Slowey...aww. yes he needs to come back NOW (i.e. we suck without him).

Kayla said...

Oh, definitely. It makes me laugh every time. Huzzah!

I know right. I miss Kevin. Too much. He will turn the Twins' offense around. With his amazing pitching, he will inspire them to actually score runs .. I know this! I know!

hahaa.. yeeaah.

RK said...

Slowey gin fizz will be back in a couple of weeks. Sure, I just made that up, but it's something to look forward to, right?

Cuddly McDimples reminds me of my uncle, another really good amateur magician who would perplex me to no end with his bag of tricks. The memories not so good, actually

becca said...

That was awesome. I knew Cuddy was into magic and tricks but I've never seen it. Cool. Thanks for sharing!

L said...

That made my day.

And I have to take a Calc II final in 4 hours...some Kevin Slowey and Cuddy magic is just what I needed.

...I could have done with out the Span though...

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